Why Yoga Is Right For Me


I am convinced after my first week of Yoga that there is NO ONE as inflexible as me in this world! I always thought I was quasi-flexi because my boyfriend once told me that and I assumed it to be true. Well, boyfriends lie, just to get you to do things they want !! 😉 I have done some yoga before but nothing very intense, Yoga 101 if you will. I tried advanced Ashtanga Yoga yesterday, and boy my muscles hurt, every inch of it. In Ashtanga Yoga, you hold your yoga postures for really long. For me however, 5 seconds seemed like eternity and every cell in my brain wished for it to end. The postures were unbelievably crazy for a newbie like me, stuffing my head below my thighs, squeezing my ears with my thighs, balancing on my belly holding my ankles, twisting and torturing my neck and my spine and oh, the easiest of all – neck stand!!! At one point, I wanted to break into a chicken dance and be like ,”Hey, this is all I can do!”. But then, I realized I would goof up that as well, so I didn’t dare.

Well, by the end of it, I was more sure than ever that Yoga is the right form of exercise for me. It flexes all that crave flexing in my body and relaxes all that require some resting. I am a fairly skinny girl and I have always struggled to put on mass on my body. My entire family has a tiny bone structure, my mom, my aunts and cousins have always been skinny. Being a vegetarian, I don’t find many ways to please my palette and my health alike. But I refuse to accept my genes and want to be healthy more than anything. I don’t prefer gyms because I get really bored and I am not motivated enough. For most of my friends, losing weight is their main motivation to hit a gym, but I just want to find some form of exercise to stay fit. I feel like I finally found my yang in Yoga, the yin being me! I want to be able to move from one posture to another graciously, like flowing water and not clumsily trip over my own feet. I want to be able to find peace in it without the voices in my head yelling at me to stop it and go home.

Also, I get some comic relief in the class because it’s really funny to see a white person taking NAMASTE so seriously. Honestly, on a serious note, I wonder why we don’t. We are so accustomed to Hi’s, Hello’s and Hey’s that we are absolutely blind to the virtues of our own culture. Hey, who am I to speak right!? They also chant Gayatri Mantra and Hanuman Chalisa, which was really impressive. I can’t chant Hanuman Chalisa without a book to help me out and I have never known how to enunciate the words right in Gayatri Mantra. What really has me in splits is how people presume YOGA == HIPPIE CULTURE(I am a coder, hence the two equals). Well, Yoga is absolutely not synonymous with hippies. I am not a Hippie or a Yogi and I still like Yoga.

I have been reading up a lot about Yoga and its benefits, which are very many according to all the knowledge that I gathered on the internet. I have a condition known as PCOS and I am done stuffing and intoxicating myself with all the tablets prescribed! I found great videos and articles on Yoga being helpful for people with PCOS and hell yeah, I am trying it all 😉 Yoga has remedies for most conditions prevalent today and I implore you to avoid popping medicines recklessly and to try a new way of life.

I’ll probably write back after a few months about how wonderful and exhilarating my Yoga experiences have been! 😉

Until then,

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

Megha Kaiwar