Do It Myself? Say What!?

Being raised in a modest middle class Indian family, I was very accustomed to never doing anything on my own. Why fix a bulb when you can get someone to fix it, right? Yes, that’s how pathetically entitled I assumed my life to be. What’s worse? Assumptions of independence. My parents worked all day and I was left to stay at home by myself. My interpretation of independence was serving cooked food for lunch, locking the doors after my parents left, going to the store to buy a few candies and a few other meager self absorbed activities. Well, don’t blame my rationale. My parents never warned me of the days to come where I would be thrown into a world, oblivious to most things, unaware of how to fix anything. Oh wait, my mom always did warn me! She always told me how my parents-in-law would expect me to know how to cook and how to clean. Had she not camouflaged her life saving advises with expectations, had I not considered them to be outrageously sexist, I would have probably made a better 25 year old today.

Living in the US has made me more self-aware, self aware of how naive and insolent I have been. I knew how a tool set looked like, I had never used one. Now, I buy loads of things from Ikea just so I can put them together using my tool set. I love watching DIY videos and trying out a few simple ones. In case you haven’t already guessed, and my overly dramatic recounts of my past failed to build towards what this post is supposed to be, let me help you. This post is about a few DIYs that I have enjoyed trying out, nothing with tools though. I save my tools for Ikea binges.

Lip Scrub: My favorite and most useful DIY. 1 part Brown Sugar, 1 part honey, 1/2 part olive oil or coconut oil. It works as a great exfoliant with all the natural ingredients.

Potpourri: I found a mason jar lying around and wanted to see why everyone is always raving about mason jars. This DIY potpourri changes every time for me, but here are a few consistent things that I never fail to add. A slice of lemon, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, lavender essential oil and a few mint leaves. It smells so refreshing and if I could make a perfume for myself, I would definitely use these ingredients!

3D Wall art: I found this great website that explains great wall art ideas in steps. I found this one really fascinating with vibrant colors. So I had to try it out and the result:



Wall Shelves: Let’s just say I had too many shoe boxes and did not want to throw them out. This one caught my eye on the same website. I now have beautifully colored shelves and I’m waiting for someone to gift me things to be placed in them!



Flower Vase from a tissue box: Why use an expensive jar to place your flowers when you can use an ugly jar in a tissue box? All you need is a tissue box, cut-outs you want to paste on the tissue box(you can also use the box as it is), flowers and of course, an ugly jar. My flowers have dried out, so no photo of that for now. Here’s the link I referred to. Maggie is so great, I love all her posts.

Do let me know your favorite DIYs, y’all !

Stay warm, winter is here !

Megha Kaiwar


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