Welcome Aboard!


Hello everyone,

This blog is probably just another piece of crap you stumbled upon today or a life changing set of events led you here and here I am, waiting to alter your life forever. Just kidding, I don’t really have any such events or stories to blog about. Why I’m really here is because I was frustrated looking for desi things in Murica and not finding any helpful articles, like desi make-up reviews, desi dance floors( believe me, there are a few and am not talking about my apartment), desi food and just about everything desi because my heart will always want only desi *slow clap*. Hence, my very bright mind came up with the idea of blogging about them myself, for other Desi girls looking for similar things. Being an Indian girl in America is probably one of the hardest things. You are constantly reminded of the lazy gene pool you come from and can’t help but feel slightly bad about it. The girls here are very well-groomed all the time, thanks to the innumerable products available in the stores. It is absolutely unbelievable. I am not very big on products, I like a dedicated few and I am yet to explore what products suit my very brown, conspicuous skin. In my enthusiasm to dive head on into the crazy consumerist market,  I decided to write about my experiences, all the positives and the negatives(god-forbid). Of course, the blog is not going to be just that shallow, I do have a lot more to write about. I am headed towards a very scary existential crisis revolving around religion and god. You will most definitely hear about it if you happen to stick around.

To provide a little perspective, I am 25 years old and I moved to Tempe, Arizona in 2012 and have been here ever since. I love trying a lot of things and I make sure everybody around me is just as uncomfortable as I am with the things I do. Well, I can get very verbose and frenzy, so hang in there and don’t give up on me.

Hop on and stay enthused !


Megha Kaiwar


8 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard!

  1. I loved this! I was born and raised in America but I visit Kerala, India often because my family is from there. I’m looking forward to reading more posts!

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